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Dimensions 4 Architects
Dimensions 4 Building System
Stone Pakistan
One of the Top Twenties Finalist in Big-5 Gaia Awards 2011 & 2012 U.A.E Out of 160 Entrants from World over.

Welcome to our website

Dimension-4 Building System is an organization run by a team of highly experienced professionals from various specialized disciplines. Dimension 4 architects and engineers established in 1987 has been managed by committed professional personnel’s having an exclusive experience of rendering state of the art consultancy services in the field of architecture, interior design, prefabricated modular system, sustainable energy efficient systems, pre engineered system and other contemporary allied disciplines operated in a highly modernized professional standards. The company employees are motivated and backed by the devoted personnel.


About Us

The company provides comprehensive and integrated services supported by modernized technology at all stages of any given projects for designing. View More »



Dimensions for Architects’ mission is to further the sustainability of life by addressing the design, construction and life cycle of our built environment for you and for generations to come.






Big 5 Gaia Awards
Friday, 06 OCT 2012

Dimention 4 Architect is shortlisted for Gaia Awards 2012. Being held on 5-8 Nov 2012.

Wednesday, 18 OCT 2014

Dimension-4 Architects Lahore Pakistan havebeen nominated as Finalists for third time in Big-5 Gaia Awards Dubai


Dimension 4 Architects

Cousultants Engineers | Landscapers | Interior Designers